If anything, smaller ceremonies make that magical mix of love and nerves and excitement that pass between a couple on their wedding day even more palpable.

We know these decisions can be hard which is why we wanted to showcase here some of the incredible micro weddings we have had the privilege to be part of over the last year. Whatever choice is right for you we will do anything it takes to make sure you walk away with beautiful images of your big day, even if it looks a little different than you had expected.

We think these photos speak for themselves but if you’re still not sure scroll down for our updated testimonials, all from our most recent clients looking back on the photos of their Micro Weddings.

Don’t get us wrong, big rural weddings are what we do best. We’ve shot more than 300 of them since we started the company and we love the buzz and fun of those days with hundreds of guests, raucous speeches and packed dance floors.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way and some couples have found during the course of the pandemic, that their priorities have shifted. For others Covid has enforced a cap on the physical size of their celebrations, forcing them to rethink the who and where and when of their weddings.

It’s been a learning curve for us too but one thing we have seen time and time again is that with the right preparations even the most intimate weddings can be fantastically special and memorable.

Couple on moulin moor

"We couldn't have higher praise"

‘We want to say a massive THANK YOU for all you did on the day, and in the run up.

You really put us at ease and the photographs you sent over so quickly to us are just amazing!! You have captured our magical day so wonderfully and we couldn't have higher praise for all that you have done for us throughout this process. Your photographs really do speak for themselves but we will recommend you to anyone we can. We are so unbelievably excited to see the rest!!’

Al & Sianann

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