"We don't have any good photographs of us all together"

"I am always taking the photographs rather than in them"

"I've been meaning to book a family shoot for ages but I've never got round to it"

So many families have told us these things we’ve honestly lost count. And there is only one way to change it.

”I wish I hadn't had those photographs taken", said no one, ever.

Depending on the duration of the shoot you would like, we have created a few different options below; or if you are looking for something more bespoke, please contact us with your request, we’ll do our very best to make it a reality.

We have a relaxed and natural approach to family photography, and where possible we love to shoot outdoors. Our families have space to run around, have fun and generally create chaos, giving us the chance to capture a beautiful snapshot of your family life. We deliver a mix of honest documentary photographs combined with some natural informal shots of you all together and of course we can tailor this to individual groups.

We know families can be complicated so we fit our activities around you. Our only priority is that you walk away with family memories that you love, whether they come from posing with your pets or splashing through puddles, it’s all about what makes your family who they are.

Since becoming parents ourselves, we have a new appreciation for just how fast time passes. Photography is the only way to freeze a particular moment in time and we hope our photos will offer a trap door into your memories for years to come.


Held on a picturesque rustic farm near Pitlochry

We have taking relaxed family photos for years but launched Farm Gate Photos in 2020, specifically to work within the limits of Covid-19 restrictions. Our studio on our farm near Pitlochry is fully outdoors (although there are some covered areas should the weather be typically Scottish). Farm Gate Photo sessions last 30 minutes and in that time you will be the only ones on the farm.

Since their launch in 2020, we have been completely overwhelmed by the popularity of Farm Gate Photos so we couldn’t resist doing it all over again this year.

Our beautiful outdoor studio will reopen soon and we can't wait to photograph you with your family. There will be plenty of bright autumn colours, plus the all the fun of straw bales and our faithful old blue tractor to climb on. There’s no doubt about it, regardless of the age of your flock, these are sure to be the most lively and colourful family photos you’ve ever had.

When we’re not photographing weddings there’s nothing we love more than spending time with our families. Between us we have five little ones under 7 and so we know how quickly they change and how much we value the photos we’ve taken of them as we watch them grow up.

We also know what a challenge it can be to get them all clean, dressed and in the same place, let alone nicely posed for a photo. And that’s how we came up with the idea for Farm Gate Photos; a short snapshot of normal family life captured against the beautiful rustic scenery of our farmyard studio.

Never work with children or animals is the old advice, but we love a challenge and we find the fewer limits we place on what is ‘allowed’ the better the photos end up. No need to dress up or worry about sitting still, with freedom to roam and explore we find kids often forget they’re being photographed and instead simply enjoy a visit to the farm with their families - allowing us to capture wonderful candid moments.

And it’s not always just the little ones that may need some reassurance. Despite making her life all about taking photos Eilidh is one of the most camera shy people you will ever meet - so she knows exactly how terrifying the prospect of a photo shoot can be - and has a trick or two to help you relax.

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Day in the Life // £1450

- Up to 10 hours documentary photography
- 400 high resolution digital photographs delivered via a private online gallery
- 10" x 10" beautiful Fine Art storybook album
- 20" x 30" Storyboard Frame
- highlights slideshow set to music
- Travel included within Perthshire, 45p per mile thereafter
- Also available as half day // £750 - 4hrs photography, 16" x 24" Storyboard Frame, 200 digital photographs


Family group of five

Slice of Life // £495

- 1 hour relaxed outdoor family shoot

- 50+ high resolution digital photographs delivered via a private online gallery, these are suitable for your own printing and sharing

- £150 print voucher

- Travel included within Perthshire, 45p per mile thereafter

- Unsure where to have your shoot? Come to our beautiful farm near Pitlochry & receive 10% discount


Farm Gate Photos // £95

- 30 minute relaxed outdoor family shoot

- 3 high resolution digital photographs downloaded directly via a private online gallery, these are suitable for your own printing and sharing

- gallery of 25+ images, where you can purchase additional prints or digital files

- Farm Gate Photos take place on our picturesque farm near Pitlochry which has beautiful views and an abundance of space for families




You can literally wear anything you like, however it might be worth bearing in mind that you will probably have these photographs on your wall for a very long time! Some people like to plan everyone's outfits right down to the colour of socks they are wearing, whereas others love the real life mismash, so either is great as long as you are happy.



Our shoots are very relaxed with no pressure at all, so don't even give this a second shot. We have children of our own so don't stress, we have seen it all before. It is all part of your family story. The only rule - the word "CHEESE" is banned!



To book, just fill in the form below or click on our contact page and send us a message. We will get back to you within 24hours to organise a suitable date and time.



We live in Scotland. Sometimes it rains. We put our wellies and waterproofs on, jump in puddles and find some sheltered spots!

... but if it is pouring, and you'd really rather reschedule, then that isn't a problem.


"Just thought I’d let you know how much we love our Farm Gate Photos- they are fab and our families love them too!! Think you’ve captured the cheekiness of Archie so well!! I’ve decided just to get the full set as I can’t choose 3!!"

- Jennifer & David

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