Micro Weddings – Karen & Struan

A family farming affair

Karen and Struan were one of our only couples who managed to keep their original wedding date in 2020. It was not an easy ride for them and even two weeks before the big day things still looked very uncertain.

As I watched Karen walk up the aisle to where Struan stood waiting for her, I saw the cheeky grin she flashed at him and was so relieved that they had actually managed it.

The ceremony took place in the garden of Karen’s family farm in Ayrshire and in front of just 30 guests – not that you could tell from the laughter.

They had planned a bigger party but Covid restrictions capped their numbers – nevertheless the couples’ close knit families stepped up to the challenge. They pitched in to set up benches, arrange flowers, hang bunting and even fill wheelbarrows with beer and ice!

The rules meant the ceremony had to take place outside and you would hope that for an August wedding that wouldn’t be a problem – but this is Scotland after all and you can never be sure! With all that in mind I was thrilled when I arrived to see clear blue skies. It was wonderfully warm and sunny – some guests even found they needed sunglasses and parasols!

Despite all the upheaval Karen was the picture of calm getting ready with the help of her three bridesmaids Fiona, Marion and Lauren.

Outside things were a little less relaxed as her brother James (who rather handily is a talented local florist) assembled a glorious floral arch for the bridal couple to stand under. As you can see from the photos it was well worth the effort!

After the formalities were over Karen and Struan walked with their bridal party down to the farm gates to wave to friends who had not been allowed to join the official celebrations.

The new rules might have banned their attendance but they did nothing to dent the enthusiasm of their friends who formed themselves into a drive-by procession to wish the happy couple well.

It was wonderful to see how Karen and Struan refused to let the difficult circumstances prevent them from having the fun and joyous day they had planned. Their request for a full bridal party portrait complete with everyone in outfit-matching masks is one of the more unusual ones I’ve heard. I loved it.

At sunset I stole the bridal couple away to take some photos in the beautiful rolling fields around the farm. And as they twirled and giggled in the pinky evening light I thought what a fabulous example they set for us all, determined to make the most of it and not taking anything, even your wedding day, too seriously.